17 December 2012

Counting down to Christmas

2012 is coming to an end soon. I believe most of you had hit your holiday mode buttons, and are already on leave willingly or force to (the need to clear your annual leave).

As this is my first year here at this company, so my force-to-clear-leave days will begin next year. As of now, how's everyone's preparation for Christmas? I don't really celebrate much of Christmas now since my family is away. So basically, Christmas is a day I get to rest from work. Well, similar to weekends. Just another extra day and lots of TV shows to watch instead of the repetition shows on Astro during weekends :)

I guess the feeling of Christmas is no longer the same as when I was younger. Back then it was all about presents! Now, it's just another day. Those were the good old days.

Anyway, I guess this weekend will be the most busiest period for everyone. Last minute shopping for Christmas preparation and also shopping for school preparation as school reopens a few days after Christmas. 

Happy shopping to everyone!

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