12 October 2012

Road Tour with the Shisha Boys Sunway

KL -> Maran -> Cherating -> Kemaman -> Maran -> KL and we were going back and forth from Cherating to Kemaman since it’s only 15 minutes drive and Kemaman is where we had our stuffed crab! Yummy!

The trip was wonderful. We convoyed in 4 cars. Not like there were many of us. There were only 8 of us. Modified cars they have that they just have to bring it out to race each other.

They were there a day earlier than me as I couldn’t get leave due to the finalization of my annual report. So they went ‘mendulang emas’ at Maran. I have no idea what you call that activity in English – gold mining, gold digging, gold hunting? But it does look like the boys had lots fun and SP did get some specks of gold dust. Yes. The size of a gold speck is the size of a piece of those glitter powders.

Mendulang emas & river water splashing

Cherating was fun. We had a great evening by the beach frying nuggets and sausages. Charcoal did make the nuggets and sausages even juicier. The boys can never live without their shisha that they brought two bongs with them. Yes, you read it right. TWO!

At Cherating Beach

The best part is fishing activity. We were fishing using only 1 rod and the rest with fishing strings. Eventually, a missed turning on our way to search for the stuffed crab led us to a tackle shop where the boys each bought a rod. So basically now all of them have one. Since then, we couldn’t stop fishing.

At the tackle shop

It was also my first time fishing. I was bad at it. I gave free buffet to the fishes. It was also my first time seeing puffer fish of all sizes as they caught them. They do huff and puff until they look like they will explode!

SP's catch

Donald with his catch; Man and Pojie imitating Titanic; and SP with a caught eel

Oh yes, we also went to the famous Haji Aziz Satar just before we left for Maran. Missed their satar so much! Hope to be able to go back there again one day.

Anyway, road trip was great. Hope to do more with the boys and girl and now it’s fishing craze for everyone! 

Photo credit: Donald, Man, SP

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