30 August 2012


Merdeka is just around the corner. In fact, tomorrow is Merdeka! Rejoice for the longer weekend this year. Rejoice for we have achieved 55 years of independence. But, why is it that the merdeka spirit seems to slowly slip away from me as I get older. Did work do this to me? I wonder.

Back during the school days, I participated twice for the Girl Guide march. I remembered the rehearsals for two years where our check point was in front of Masjid Negara, the friends we made with the contingent around us, the horse dunk that we used to avoid while marching and how could I forget the times whenever we have to salute in front of the grand stand, our contingent always tend to suddenly slow down a lot or should I say our paces got smaller because we were afraid of not being in line. Then our teacher would be giving us signals to speed up.

I used to sing to every Merdeka song until I got out of school, I barely hear those songs again. There was one year when I went to Dataran Merdeka to capture some pictures and there was this new song which I can’t remember the title, I was so upset because I do not know the words to the song. Since that day, my merdeka karaoke session is in front of the TV when the clock struck 12 midnight. I will be singing my heart out for I don’t know what reasons and my parents didn’t mind at all.

For tonight, I’m unsure if I’ll be having my karaoke session as work has drained most of my energy. I doubt I would be up early to even catch the march on TV as sleeping is the third thing in my mind after work and food.

Ah, my colleague just mentioned to me earlier that tonight is not only Merdeka eve but also the peak of Hungry Ghost Festival. Most Buddhists will be thinking twice to go out as to them, better be home before dark tonight.

Well, Happy Merdeka to all and have a great long weekend!!! 

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