13 April 2012

Tsk...That's Being Really Pampered

Recently, a man (let’s just call him Uncle T) came up to the reception when I was on my way to the other department regarding scholarship for his son. His son was no where to be seen and Uncle T practically wasted an hour of my time.

Uncle T asked on the procedure for study aids and scholarship for his son who’s going to be in university soon. After I’d given him all the explanation, writing down the name to whom it should be sent to, address, telephone number etc, Uncle T is still not satisfied.

He took up my time by asking me which college or university is better. I told him that it also depends what his son wants to study (where is his son at this moment? Who’s the one going to study now?). Uncle T mentioned a college and asked if it’s good. How would I know if it is good or not – I wasn’t even interested in what they have!

Uncle T said his son wants to study medicine, pharmacy or engineering. So I just blurted out several college/university names that I know offering those courses. Guess what Uncle T said “Fees expensive”, “Very far from home”, “People say no good”.

I was about to lose my patience because he took so much of my time and then he complained so much.

Next he asked on study loans and scholarship. He kept asking me where to find, how to apply and all when I told him I do not know, he gave me the unsatisfied face. Gosh, why on earth must he give me that face? It has been so many years since I left college/university, so I wouldn’t know the current applications or whatsoever.

Most importantly, his blardy son is the one who should be finding all this kind of things. I’m sure most of you looked for your own colleges with the agreement of your parents and not trouble your parents to go and find out themselves.

Lucky kid. Pampered like mad.

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