31 March 2012

My SPM Days

This week’s R.AGE is about the announcement and stories on the recent SPM results. The story brought me back to the day I took my SPM results. Or should I say the year I sat for SPM at SMK Aminuddin Baki.

My alma mater SMK Aminuddin Baki

I was active with my Girl Guides then. Seem like I was putting it first before studies. I still remember what my tutor then said to me – “Girl Guides is not going to give you As”. Yes, he said that. It broke my heart because at that time being a part of the Girl Guides Association was the only thing I have achieved. I love Girl Guides to bits.

My guiding mates (all standing), Fiza, the workshop facilitator (seated, left) and Dato Nik Faizah Mustapha, the then CEO of Girl Guides of Malaysia (seated, right)
Dad even made a prediction of my results with 2As for English and Mathematics. Mom had nothing to say and just let me do it my way.

At one point of time, I seemed to regret going into Sub-Science stream. I was the one who insisted to go into Sub-Science when I was offered Arts because I really wanted to take up Engineering Drawing (Lukisan Kejuruteraan aka LKJ). note: wasn’t really looking forward to Physics and Chemistry though *smiles*

Well, the results day came. Dad’s prediction was right. 2A1s for English and Mathematics. I also felt like I had betrayed my class teacher, Mr Tan who was also my Add Mathematics teacher for getting a B3. I remembered clearly that before he handed my file to me, he read my results and said, “Add Math almost, Miss Wong”.

My language tutor was sad and surprised I didn’t do well for Bahasa Malaysia. I was surprised but I told myself that it must have been the essay section which I screwed up.

I remember seeing reporters taking pictures of the top scorers. I don’t really remember what I do after that. I guess I just went home and watched some TV *smiles*

It is really heartbreaking to see students trying all ways to take their lives when their results weren’t what they wanted even though their lowest grade was B. I’ve got Cs and Ds. So please don’t go kill yourself because I should have been the one with the better reason to do so.

I completed my diploma and my degree and now working at a big corporation. I was really glad that I really didn’t do anything stupid.

What is done is done. You can’t change the past but you can make your future. Being book smart may be the ticket to a better life, but if you don’t have a balance of being street smart, you ain’t going to go anywhere too.

So cheer up and challenge yourself for a better future. =)

 OT: On my PMR results day, I had this one senior who was so excited about our results that he came to pick me and 3 of my schoolmates from our homes to school and even hung out with us.

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