20 March 2012

Ginger Mau

Limau aka MauMau

This naughty ginger cat...
  • doesn't like anyone to carry her
  • tends to bite when she likes her belly rubs
  • runs like a cheetah when she knows we are going to put her in the cage
  • loves toilet rolls
  • likes to roll on the floor when we come home
  • meows like no one's business just as we park the car
  • likes to hide in my cupboard and her fur gets on all my clothes
  • loves to play hide and seek
  • loves playing by herself
  • likes to sleep in my dirty laundry when I am away for work. i.e. outstation
  • just enjoy irritating you by pushing all the decorative items off the shelf and doing all the things we told her not to do
  • is one cat who knows how to destroy scratch post and scratch boards
  • enjoys sitting by the window overlooking the houses and roads
  • knows where to hide so that we can't catch or reach her
  • is one lucky cat found in a drain
  • is named Limau aka MauMau

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