28 March 2012

Chicken Foldover Is Baaaack!

Walks into McDonald's.
Looks up at their menu every time even though I already know what they serve.
Looks at the order of the customer in front of me.
Looks at ad card at the cash register because it was different.
Guess what I saw?


It's back for a limited time. I just had to order it and I did. Once I sat down at the table, I called SP, asking him to go drive to McDonald's right now and get his chicken foldover which he has been missing and talking about it several times.

Found out that he was too lazy and try to get one at an outlet nearest to his house. To my surprise, no chicken foldover at that outlet. How come?? *sobs*

Well, we did go hunt for the chicken foldover and eventually found it. Look at his face the minute he puts it in his mouth.

Ahhhh... the dreams of wanting chicken foldover is finally here. Going to have it every other day if possible as it is only available for a limited time. Thank God the outlet 5 minutes from my house has it. Go grab yours today!


Julia Mahir said...


Rindunye Chicken Foldover. When it was first out, I was working at McD. Kire pioneer staff yang blaja masak CF laa :P

Ok esok must lunch at McD. Heeee~ ;D

rainingheaven said...

Julia : But I notice it's not available at all outlets yet. Not sure whether now all got or not. But the ones I know is Taman Connaught McD and Sunway Pyramid McD

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