05 December 2011

Skincare 101 : Step 5 - Toner

Now I guess you would have a clean face right now using good cleanser and scrub. As the cleanser and scrub is used to wash away the dirt that are clogging our pores, now the toner is here to help to minimise those pore of yours.

Yes, after washing your face, please do not forget to tone it using toner. It's up to you to use a toner with astringent or without. If you have oily skin, use toner with astringent.

So, what is astringent? With a click, Wikipedia explains it all.

"Astringent is a chemical compound that tends to shrink or constrict body tissues." "

So, the use of it help shrink your pores! So use it! But be careful if you have a sore, you'll feel that stinging sensation like when you put iodine on your wound. Oh ya, and don't forget PRO VITAMIN B5. Hope you haven't forgot about it.

Here's some that I've used and am using.

Click on picture to be redirected to the original source (found through Google search)

Here's just a few that I've tried. Now, hope everyone have a toner in hand. If you don't, go grab one today!

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