08 November 2011

Skincare 101 : Step 2 - Cleansing Milk

I believe that you would have gotten a good makeup remover by now or is at least switching between makeup removers to find THE ONE!

Step 2 is something that I've never tried before all my years on Earth until this year. The purpose of cleansing milk is for cleansing (obviously) and moisturizing.

Honestly saying, I haven't tried any other brands in the market yet except for Malswisse which always gives me  really clean and soft face. It's because it's so good that I haven't make up my mind to go try another brand as this is a new step for me too.

Will try on another brand and once I do, I'll post it up here. Oh, why not we go find one and update each other on the cleansing milk that we've gotten. I haven't skipped this step after since I stepped into the class and I believe it is good.

How I use my Malswisse cleasing milk?

1. Pump a little on your palm ( I used a dot or two)

2. Dot them on the five prominent parts of your face (Forehead, both cheeks, tip of nose and chin)

3. Rub/ Lather it evenly on your face.

4. Leave it on for a couple of minutes.

5. Rinse it off.

Yes, it's just that simple. Some of you might think it is a hassle as it's an extra step but hey, if it does good to your skin, why not?

Now, let us all go cleansing milk hunting!

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