31 October 2011

Skincare 101 : Step 1 - Make-up Remover

So, now we begin our 9 steps skincare regime.

Firstly, it all boils down to make-up remover. You want to find a good make-up remover which is suitable for your skin.

How do you apply make-up remover on your face? You wipe it across your forehead, left and right or up and down your face using a cotton pad. As for the eyes, press the cotton pad on your eye lids for a while before wiping them downwards. DON'T rub it. Remember, the skin around your eyes are tender so you have got to be gentle. So don't rub. Press and wipe them downwards. If there are still some residue of eyeliner or mascara, just wipe it gently. You won't want to end up with fine lines all around your eyes too!

I've tried Elianto's Crystal Bright Mineral and Clear Cleansing Oil  which also serves as a make-up remover for those wanting to wipe of their waterproof makeup. However, I don't quite fancy it cos it feels like I've put my face in a pot of oil even though I've only put one pump on the pad. It does sting if it gets into your eye.

Next one that I've tried is Loreal. Shake it and put it on your cotton pad. Works like magic when it comes to removing waterproof eyeliners and mascara. It doesn't leave my face greasy and it doesn't sting the eye!

Nivea's Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover has it's own magic too. No greasy residue and it removes make-up pretty quick too. Plus point for Nivea as it has ProVitaminB5 which is one ingredient you should be looking for as it helps hydrates around the eyes.

All in all, I'm sad to say that I've only started actively apply make-up since late last year. Before this, I only apply when I need to go see people or when I have functions. Thus my make-up removers are usually just Loreal or Nivea.

I've gotten one more brand which I love it to bits but it's not available in the pharmacy or any store as I got it from my make-up class that I went to at Malswisse. It's only available for students thus the big bottle of 500ml. Pricey but it's worth it cos I didn't need a lot to clean my entire face. Just wet cotton pads and a little dot is all that I needed. I felt refreshed after using it even before washing with foam.

So remember, please remove your make-up with a proper make-up remover and not just soap or any other kind. The residue might be permanent and you definitely won't want that to happen.

Oh and here's some tips for you in buying your skincare products.

You would want to have some of the following ingredients in your selected products (remover, foam, scrub, etc):
1. For anti oxidant: Vitamin A,  Vitamin C, Vitamin E, ProVitaminB5

2. For anti inflammation: Plant extracts such as licorice, aloe vera and cucumber; Flower extracts will be lavender and chamomile.

Step 2 coming up soon once you found your perfect make-up remover. So start remover hunting now!

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