14 September 2011

Thank You Mr @ATM2U

Last Friday, I received a very special SMS. I thought I was in deep shit when I saw the name of the sender. It's from my super boss, the minister.

This is what the message reads:

@ATM2U: Thank you @ShahrizatJalil for your efficient media staff : Melissa. Helpful and courteous. Syabas! (Melissa keep it up!)

It was a tweet to her mentioning me. The one in bracket is what she said to me.

I was curious and wondered who is Mr @ATM2U. I searched his Twitter but have no recollection of anything that I responded to him via Twitter. So maybe it was from a phone call which I have no idea what was the question(s) being asked.

I was happy that super boss personally text me which did boost my morale that instant but most of all, I was happy that I did my best to help Mr @ATM2U in whatever problem/queries that he was having.

Thanks Mr @ATM2U and super boss @ShahrizatJalil for making my day that Friday.

1 comment:

plue said...

*hugs* you deserve all the praise darling!

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