28 June 2011

RIP Salem

Finally been able to sit down in peace and write this. We lost Salem on the morning of June 18. He was sick and there was nothing else to do. We brought him out of the hospital and spend as much time with him.

The night before he passed on, I spent the night at the hall with him until he moved to the toilet and hid behind the toilet bowl. I picked Salem and placed him next to me on the tatami mat while watching TV but he was already taking really deep breaths. I cried while talking to him and all he could do was look at me and not wanting to move at all.

The sad part was I fell asleep and when I woke up, Salem was gone with his eyes wide open. I tried to close the lids but it didn't work. We wrapped him up and immediately start digging a hole in our garden. Now he overlooks the part of the garden where he likes to hang out. Now, Salem always sees us in and out of the house.

Sorry Salem that I fell asleep and wasn't there for you.

Below are some pictures I took from Melinda's blog. From Salem being a kitty up to a big fat cat :)

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