15 June 2011

Bummer. I missed May

What a bummer! Spent so much time at work that I had to forgo blogging. Not a really good thing to do.

Made myself available for World Blogger and Social Media Summit 2011 because there are certain session like Press and Social Media, Laws of Social Media and such which I really wanted to know more so that I can apply to work.

Today's session really got me thinking about my blog. Thinking of ways on how to make sure my blog is regularly updated and most of all, WHY I blog in the first place. I started way back when I started high school when internet was the in thing. When you pay Jaring every cent for every minute you used which also means your phone line will be engage if you're up on the net for 4 hours.

So back then, I might have jumped onto the blogging wagon as well and I never stopped. Well, maybe just slowed down a little now. Guess, I'll have to do some soul searching, collect some ideas, and 'restart' this blog again.

Good luck to me since in about 20 minutes or so, I aim to win the iPhone which is up for lucky draw tomorrow. And I WANT IT cos it's MY BIG DAY tomorrow!

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