18 April 2011

Universal Studios Singapore

Finally I stepped foot on the Land of Kiasu-ness. OK, just kidding. Singapore to be exact.

Will not tell you how I 'smuggled' myself in and out of Singapore. But here's my experience in Universal Studios Singapore (USS)!

USS was so fun that no words can be used to describe it. Even better than Genting Highlands. Trust me. You'll agree with me once you've been to USS.

Boarded a 4-station monorail to Sentosa to get to USS. Here's the globe picture.

I managed to take pictures with several characters - Betty Boop, Frankenstein, Beetle Juice, etc

Checkout the naught Beetle Juice. He sounded just like in the movie. And yes, I got tan from the event I was at before this.

It was raining halfway when we were there. Grab ourselves a raincoat each and the went to The Mummy. Their roller coaster ride was awesome. Never had one which pulls you backwards. It was dark and I really didn't know it was coming.

I went on one awesome ride which I have no idea of it's name. It went about 3-5 loops. My heart almost came out from my throat. I screamed all the way because that was the only thing I can do.

Was at Far Far Away to catch Shrek in... was it 3D or 4D? I felt Donkey's saliva from his sneeze, the rocky ride and even when the spiders crept all over my feet

Out from the screens, we found Fiona and Shrek but didn't get to take any pictures with them because the time allocated was all gone when we arrived.  There's certain time to take pictures with characters. All with lots of lucks.

The popcorn truck is cute right? And the popcorns smelt really nice and sweet.

We were there the whole day. Pretty tired but fun. There's some stuff outside USS. As in out of the entrance other than the globe. They have candy stores - Hershey's, Candylicious, etc

One last picture before I sign off!

Met Mr Reese and M&Ms too!

Adious all!

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