14 April 2011

Retreat at Pulau Tioman

The team inclusive of the agencies headed to Tioman end of Last February for a retreat. It isn't purely relaxation as there is still work to be done there. We touched down early morning and headed for Paya Beach. The rest is history.

Nonetheless, water snorkeling is a MUST. We went for short classes on how to snorkel at shallow waters. Here's how excited we were when we were finally going to the deep waters to show Captain Ishak that we all 'graduated' from his class well.

That's at the jetty just before we board on the boat that is taking us to a few places to see the wonderful corals and sea creatures that almost everyone has been talking about.

Ain and Hasnah were delighted to see the sea cucumber aka gamat. Captain Ishak picked it from the bottom of the sea for us to see. There's a red one and a black one.

How I would describe a sea cucumber? Erm, it's not slimy. The skin is rather thick. When you press on it's body, it squirts! Seriously.

Ain bought three loaves of bread before we broad the boat so whenever we stop, we fed the fishes. Fishes are really hungry. Hold a piece of bread close to you and you can see them nimble it off. Some fishes even mistook my fingers as the bread and bit my fingers. It doesn't hurt or bleed just shocked :)

Then we headed to the marine park for more corals and (hungry) fishes. We even managed to see cuttlefish swimming in a group!

Some of us decided to feed the fishes by standing at the little jetty I would say. Halfway feeding the fishes, they decided that they should be feed themselves instead because they were the hungry lot.

That same day, we had an ice breaking session and games. Here all of us were to dress in Hawaiian theme attire. The girls with pario and the boys with the usual flower blouse.

Here's us from the unit. The small pictures on the right shows Najib's expression after winning a walker which came just in time as Qiesya is learning to walk, Hasnah reacting to her lucky draw card which says 'steamer' and that's Kamal, the photographer who's always around. The one is the white/cream shirt and pink pario is my boss, Alice if you were wondering who she is.

We had karaoke after our BBQ dinner. Even have a Hot King and Hot Queen competition. Hasnah as the queen and Sham, one of the photographers as the king. You'll see Sham's picture in a jiffy.

The next day, we had to do some serious work. We discussed, debated, planned, complained, suggested, etc that entire day. We wanted to finish quick so that we can go outside to play.

When it's time to be serious, we are serious. When it's time to play, we play real hard!

OK, here's a picture of both photographers that we brought along with us. We couldn't bring everyone so the next round we'll bring the others.

On the left is the said Hot King - Sham and the right is Kamal. Both of them are awesome. Well, all my photographers are awesome! They never fail me :)

Little did we know, it's time for us to go home. We wished we could stay longer of course but it's impossible as the minister would be wondering where were all of us.

So our last shots before leaving...

That's our before and after. All a mess when it comes to jumping.

Here's what these three guys did. In sequence! The end product was so cool that Najib has it as his Facebook profile picture.

Well, that's all from Paya Beach for now. So long blue skies. See ya again.

*photo courtesy : Kamal

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