15 November 2010

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2010

Yes, I procrastinated so much. Totally forgot that I haven't mentioned KLPF! Must do justice to KLPF as I was there for three days! All three days!

I pampered myself for my baby. After three days, I FINALLY decided to buy the flash. Though it is a third party brand and not the same as my baby' maker (sorry much cos I really couldn't afford it), it works just fine. It's going to boost things up now since Azwan and I really want to make it into the photography scene.

I managed to figure out how my remote control works with the camera. All this while, I thought the battery died. Turns out, my brain was dead for not being able to figure out how it works. The remote control was my birthday gift from Dad two years back. That's how long I've slacked in the photography world. I'm coming home ya all!

Now is to change the body! It's time to upgrade as I've been using the D60 since 2007. Works fine so far until the other day it went to the hospital because it reached it's shutter life count. Change it and it's working like normal and better. Loves it! But an upgrade will be much better of course.

Can't wait for big bucks to come in so that I can get it. Or do I have really kind souls out there who are willing to help me out? Waiting for your replies.


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