28 October 2010

Don't want to talk about Galas

Nothing much about Galas actually. At first I was excited to go for the 'penamaan calon' only to be given instructions that the office is not allowed to go as it is against the policy. Darn. I just wanted to know what it is like. Wasted opportunity.

I was at Gua Musang for a night and there was only an evening programme at a supporter's house where we had yummy laksam (I think that's the name of the dish). It was a really hot day. Had my compact but didn't have time to really take pictures because I had to work. OK. I lied. I have some. Just this much only.

The usual ramah mesra pictures, the scene of the area with flags all over the places.

Enough about election scene now. Just to give you a sneak peek. Something is about to come soon. I'll announce once it is all ready. Excited!

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