23 August 2010

Iftar At Sheraton Imperial

The Utusan Media team asked us out for iftar. They decided we should go to Sheraton Imperial since they have the halal certificate (I'll have to go check on it 'cos I'm not too sure). About RM108++ per pax (I think), the food was ok.

The chicken thai broth for the noodles was awesome.
Kak Hasnah said the laksa was great. I supposed it has lots of umph to it then.
Safwan said the chicken rice was yummy.
Rest of it I don't quite remember.

Oh ya, there's one I remembered well. Aida tasted the tomato ice cream and she let me have a taste of it too. It tasted like licking cold tomato ketchup. You can go try if you want :)

We parted our ways at about 10.30pm. The last batch to leave. The crew were already cleaning. It was a great time spent though I'm missing SP. Wished I could spent time with him. Poor him spending his iftar alone. I feel bad =(

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