18 August 2010

Dinner on 18.08.10

It's the 18th today which also marks the 8th day of puasa (hope I counted correctly). Was supposed to go to pasar malam after iftar but the rain just had to come at the time I was about to leave. So, I'm stuck at home with a hungry tummy.

I sat and think really hard on what were the things we had in the fridge, cupboard, containers, whatsoever you can think of and suddenly *light bulb lighted above head*.. I'll make that roti I saw at bazaar Ramadhan.

It's not really roti on the outside. Apparently, the bread is wrapped with stuffings and is then later wrapped with popiah skin (is that what you call it?)

So, I rummaged here and there and found the following:

1. A tin of chilli tuna
2. Eggs
3. Onions
4. Bread with expiry date 15.08.10
5. Popiah skin from don't know which century

Firstly, I cut the corners of the bread and put it on top of the popiah.

Then I put the stuffings. You can put whatever you want. I did chilli tuna and the other is scramble eggs and onions.

Wrapped the popiah however you want. (I just randomly wrap it as all I want is for it to be folded)

Fry it in the pan

This is the eggs and onions with tomato sauce

Eat it!

This is the chilli tuna and onions

Yes, that actually filled my tummy. The amount of stuffings allowed me to make 5 of each. That's a lot for two people. I still have some balance. Guess I'll have it for sahur. Won't be reheating it as I don't want to make a lot of noise at my outdoor kitchen while people are sleeping at the back.

So, hope you like my version of Roti Telur Bawang and Roti Sardin :)


*It is still raining now. Nice sleep. I wished I don't have to work tomorrow
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