10 July 2010

Sabah Recap

Yup. I was at Sabah again for the second time. Hope I get to go Sarawak one day.

Anyway, nothing much at Sabah except for the three flights that I had to take in two days. KL-Sandakan-KK-KL. Managed to spare some time at Pasar Filipina. Didn't get anything for myself from there because there's no one to eat it at home.

However, I do have one thing on their mee goreng. They don't use the yellow me but they use the noodle similar to instant noodles. No idea what is the name of the noodle. And when you order for take away, this is what you get.

Yes, it is filled to the brim. It even bears the shape of the entire polystyrene. I couldn't even finish it all alone. Unlike the ones in KL that I've had which I finished it just a blink of an eye. But for this one from Pasar Filipina, no way that I get to finish it. It takes too much effort. 

Oh well, that's all for the recap for Sabah.

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