20 June 2010

Ri-Yaz Heritage Marina Resort and Spa

This is one hotel that is so fancy that I've ever been to while working. Sad that it was only for a night and there wasn't quite much time for exploring. However, I managed to capture a few shots only. Yes, very FEW.

As the van turned into the resort grounds, I was greeted with boats that were docking. I reached a very lavish lobby whereby in order to get to my room, I have to take a buggy! Or for some the hotel van if you have a big family and lots of luggage.

I was brought to a double-storey, 4 room building. And one of it is my room. Here's the picture of the said room which in Ri-Yaz website, it is the Serambi (deluxe chalet). 

That is an unedited picture except for framing. I swear. 

I went in to the room and found a balcony waiting for me and the bathroom was awesome. Bath tub and shower room and they have two basins too! Cute!

Then comes the suite. Sorry for the bad picture quality. The sun was setting at that angle and my camphone just can't do much. 

There were two doors to this suite. The main door and the side. I'm unsure what is the exact name of these suite. The girls and I were the in room on the left which is a separate room from the main suite. The bath tub is indescribable. I still don't know how to put in to words. There's a big wooden door/panel which when open overlooks the sea. 

I just wished I had more time to explore this place. A great place for relaxing.  I checked the rates and my jaw fell. Minimum RM1000++ for the deluxe chalet. 

So, since not many of us will be able to afford a RM1000++ room per night, Ri-Yaz is currently running a Internet hot deal! RM 248++ for a night's stay if you book via internet. Hey, why not go for it as you will only be paying about 1/5 or so of the original price! And if you have kids, only RM338++ for 2 adults and 2 children! Go check out the website as it might just be the destination for your holiday escapade.

Note : This is NOT a paid post. Everything mentioned is based on personal experience and information from the hotel's website

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