29 June 2010

Kelantan and Terengganu Recap

Recap for Kelantan. 

Awesome nasi dagang and nasi kerabu. I feel like having it again. We were taken to this coffee shop which I really have no idea what the name is. It was as though I was seated like how it would be if in Teppanyaki. Only that it wasn't individual stools. It's long benches and he was making my drink right in front of me. Not to forget, packets of rice where lining up too. Just pick what you feel like having!

Here's the uncle making drinks at his counter

Here's the parade of nasi lining up to be picked

And here's the long table with I think 3 benches for us to sit

As for Terengganu, the home for the lekor. How can I not buy home some lekor. To add something new in my food dictionary - SATAR. Soft and yummy. 

Satar from Warung Haji Satar (apparently the famous one) - it's fish in it with pieces of cili padi

We went to order lekor and satar to bring back to KL. I still have 30 lekor sticks in my freezer. I can spare you some. As for satar, I'm down to only 10. Didn't order much for satar because I'm unsure who'll be interested to taste it.
Here's the aunty making soft, yummy lekor

If you have been following my tweets, you'll noticed that I've been sharpening boxes of colour pencils. Yes, I've sharpened about 135 boxes of 12-colour pencils which comes to a total of 1620 sticks of pencils. I had all the pencil shavings in one big bag!

Next stop... unknown. Wait until they assign me. Adios!

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