07 June 2010


Gosh! We are already in the 7th day of JUNE???!!!

June is such a busy month for me. I'm to go to several states this month. Some twice in that two weeks. Going to Perak-Perak-Terengganu-Kelantan-Terengganu. Yes, twice Perak and twice Terengganu. Right after that might be Kedah. All in a stretch of two weeks. I'm so tired now trying to settle all the paperwork for all of these states.

If I don't update my blog, I'm really sorry. I don't mean to neglect my blog. Follow me on Twitter @rainingheaven then but I'm restricted access to my Twitter as I do not want a handful of people (especially people from the office) to b spying on me through Twitter thus I had no choice but to lock it. Do request to follow if you'll like to know what I'm up to. I'll accept them.

It's almost 12 now and I've only just taken my bath. I bet by the time I come home from all this things, I'll be so exhausted.

Tra-la-la for now!

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