06 May 2010

Seven malls a day

I did the unexpected. I just realised that I walked to SEVEN malls/marts today.

Let me list them down.

  1. IKEA (First time to be at their restaurant. Couldn't resist the meatballs and chicken chop)
  2. Ikano Power Centre (Wanted a blouse. Had my size but my shoulders were to broad to fit)
  3. e@Curve (Visit the cinema but ended up not watching any movie as their times are all late evening)
  4. The Curve (Headed to the famous Daiso)
  5. Tesco (SP wanted to get some stuff)
  6. Empire Shopping Gallery (New place. New things to see!)
  7. Leisure Mall (Sis wanted to get a pair of flats)
Phew, that's the list. It's much fun than work! I wish I can do this again!

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