12 May 2010

Reading Back

Once in a while I reread my previous blog post from years back. Some posts made me angry, some made me laugh, some made me wonder what happened to those people. Most of all, I realized that those posts are of the naive me who posted almost every single thing - what I had for lunch, feelings, hates and what nots.

I also found out that over the years my writing style changed. The content changed as well. I looked at my past and hated it so much that I wished I could turn those hands of the clock and use and eraser to erase whatever that I dislike.

I'm happy now. Happier than before. Having someone who doesn't dwell on my past, I managed to make a big step and let everything go. I may have some vague memory about things but finally, I'm able to let out a big sigh.

My future has many rocky roads which I have predicted eight months ago. I wish I'll be able to drive across those rocky roads in order for me to write on my new life.

Crossing my fingers a lot and thinking of it a lot

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