23 April 2010

Hulu Selangor

It was my turn to duty at Hulu Selangor yesterday. Gedangsa to be exact. It was a long journey as the place was further in compared to the others. There were BN and KeADILan flags all over on the sides of the road. We just followed those flags to reach our destination.

There was even a police roadblock just before we enter the road heading to Gedangsa. We had a booth for a 1Malaysia Family Day programme organised by the Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas (JASA) at a secondary school. It rained that morning and we were stuck with a wet booth.

My shoes were soaking from morning all the way til I reached home at 10pm. I think I spoilt my shoe as the soles are splitting to two now on both sides.

Throughout the whole journey from the entrance of Hulu Selangor up to Gedangsa, it was quiet. Maybe it was morning thus I didn't see many people around campaining or such. But it does feel creepy as there weren't many cars travelling on the road with us.

It's really a tiring day. I was there from 10am onwards. I couldn't last until the opening ceremony at 9pm thus we left at 7.30om. The organisers should have had the exhibition started at 2pm or so. We had to also hunt for our own food as the organisers decided to only give us tea!

I was interviewed by this radio station. RTM Radio or is it Selangor FM? Not too sure. They asked me about the things I am exibiting and then things that I would like to highlight. He even asked me about the 1Malaysia concept. Thanks very much to the DJ

I'm trying to open my eyes as I'm typing this from my office (shh! Don't tell anyone)

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