06 April 2010

Carnaval Twtup

4th April - My third tweetup I believe. Can't really remember. We had Brazilian food this time at Carnaval Churrascaria.

Here we have @iwanshafiee @IcedNyior @rararawr @khairul @syazaliyana @shamhardy and family, @KhirOmar @wfxyz @mrkay2911 @loveykatz @kruel74 @kazwan @azri83 @techsupremo @ronny1976 (picture courtesy of @kazwan)

Food was great. Served buffet. If you love meat, meat and meat of all kinds, GO there. It's near Atria. Not even 5 minutes walk to Atria actually.

It was a great tweetup meeting up with the usual tweeps and also new tweeps. It was such a great tweetup that I was so stuffed when I left. I think most of us left with a really full stomach too. I'm also sure that many might have fast for 1-2 days or maybe just a meal to fit all those meat in their tummy :)

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