26 February 2010

February 2010

So many things happened this month. Little did I know, today marks Day 26 for February. There goes my days. It still feels like New Year was just yesterday.

Work - It drains me down every single day. A new problem arises every hour. My contract ends end of this year. Don't even have time to scout for new jobs yet. The pile of newspaper is growing and pouring over to my colleague's table soon. My desk is a mess. A lovely mess. And all I can think of is "When can I get out of the office?" and also "Will I be able to sleep early for tonight?"

Health - Has been deteriorating. I've fallen sick a couple of times. Bad flu. Gastric. Fever. My first sickness to the list will be food poisoning. It was so bad. I let out all my good food during the recent #LambTwtUp at Al-Rawsha where I thought I was getting better. And I never get enough sleep thanks to work I have to do at home too.

Food - Planning to write a food journal so that I can keep up with the junk I put in my mouth which is making me put on pounds!

Money - Everyone talks about money. Yes, $$$ is one of my most needed thing right now. Spending all my prepaid on work and unable to claim it (because I'm contract worker, not entitled to it) is making me poorer. Cos I had to spend those money in order to get work done. It sucks. It really does. I have to find a way to get more money now.

Friends - I'm missing all my friends now. I feel bad and sorry for having to cancel those night sessions and weekend teh tarik sessions as well when I'm called to replace someone on duty. This is because I'm the only unmarried officer among all thus whenever an officer is unable to make it, my ass will be the one summoned to go. I'll make it up to you all ok. Thanks peeps!

Family - New addition to my family is a little pup named Canon. Yes, the family has more Canon cameras compared to the Nikon, Sony or any other brands so that name sticks to the pup. A naughty one. REALLY naughty. Wonder when is the next time I'll be able to see him since he's far away. Mom just persuaded me to get a little bunny. I want a loopy-ear bunny. Peeps, find me one please... (puppy dog eyes)

For this weekend, I just want you to accompany me. Or rather bring me to places. Any where at all. I just want to breath air and see wonderful things.

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