08 January 2010

First post of 2010

Ah, what a way to start 2010 - by procrastinating :)

I had a few entries in draft - the draft box in my head to be precise and I decided to throw them all and combine them to one. Usually I'll have a post on the things I did last year based on months. Too lazy to do that now. Yes, I'm lazy. Not because I'm lazy lazy but I'm lazy because I'm tired. Tired after work that is.

I'll continue in the morning - unsure which morning will this be. My head is doing having a rock and roll session right now as I type here.

Take care all.


rossogiancarlo said...

I leff blogger for vox, just the opposite you did.
Why did you change?

rainingheaven said...

not changing.. will be double posting to vox soon. will be adding you in my neighbourhood too ya?

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