17 January 2010

Bunny - Where are you?

It's been such a bad week or so lately. Other than work which I was rather pissed because I was to go to Pan Pacific Hotel KLIA for nothing. Sheeesh!

Anyway, I lost Bunny. I've been searching for him all over the house, outside the house, drains and so many other places but Bunny is still unseen. I miss Bunny. I even put a bell on him so that I'll be able to find him when he goes hiding in the house. He even comes to me when I call. Just like a little puppy. I moved his cage from the back of the house to the garden with the door open so that he'll be able to go in when he decides to come home.

Where are you Bunny? I miss you.

I don't have a recent picture of Bunny. Here's a picture taken when he was younger. I've had Bunny for about 5 years now.

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