12 December 2009

Who is your BFF?

A question that the girls made into their blog posts. The girls meaning The Pariahs. Thanks to Hwei who coined the name for the three of us.

BFF. Such a big word for me. Abbreviation to be exact. In my life on earth so far, I don't think I ever have had a BFF. Not even today.

I never grew up with the kids from primary because I shifted when I was 10. Or else I may have a BFF or maybe a couple since that neighbourhood is really a small one.

It's not easy to have someone who you can confide to about almost everything. Everything at all. Someone who knows you so well that before you say a word, they would already know what youwanted to say.

It's not easy to have someone who's brave to tell you in the face that what you did is wrong. Some friends are such a hypocrite. They say good things in front of you and the moment you turn your back, they bitched about you.

It's not easy to have someone who can stand you - like wearing dresses though you are as big as an elephant or a huge shirt when you are small like a match stick; or maybe if you are temperamental or even someone who laughs like a horse. Some people just can't seem to stand it.

Oh well, just my two cents worth of rants. Not referring anyone in particular. But come to think of it, sometimes I am glad I do not have a BFF and sometimes I wish I have one. WTH.. I have plenty of friends. Loving each and every one of you!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

once a pariah, forevaaaaaaa a pariah!

what is with everyone else. why everyone keep using the same title? its all your fault pariah 3. that one entry you posted kept us all thinking.

to hell with bff, i is your friend forever mellie. i love you too. merry christmas!

roasted chicken wings

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