30 November 2009

Bye bye November

*I'll be writing in caps at the correct places

It's the end of November and I've still got nothing to blog about. Well, I do have but when I'm tied down with work and all, by the time I'm home, I forgot half of it because all I want is to see my bed. I've only got time to blog today because I put aside all my newspapers from Thursday up to today (I only read Star and NST today), finished up all the memos, claims, etc and now I've time to blog! And also play Fishville (shhhh!!!) while responding to queries on the company Facebook.

It's been raining whenever I feel like going out of the house for a round of photos. It's been a while since I last held my camera for hours at the garden, streets wherever you can think of. There's so many things to shoot, I'm just lacking of a location. I'm bored of KL streets. Maybe you have any ideas for me? Or maybe you would like to volunteer yourself for me to practice on model shoots?

It's going to be Christmas in 25 days. I'll try to be in the middle of the celebration to get some shots. Hopefully. Or maybe I'll just spend time at home. We'll see.

In the meantime, if you don't see me much here on my blog, find me on Twitter @rainingheaven. I'm sure that you'll find me. So, this blog is not dead. I'm still very much alive.

Til then, back to my papers :)


sacredchild said...

Have you ever thought of shooting rain drops on a lake? I was trying to take pictures of a small trickly waterfall.. but it was not clear so I'm sure I think it will be cool to capture it in all its cute gloriously translucent droplets

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