06 October 2009

#rayatweetup at KLCC

as usual, i'm the last one to say about the #rayatweetup which means another backdated post. i'm sorry. i was really busy with bagan pinang. yes.. travelling.

i had a great time at #rayatweetup. thank god i didn't listen to my boss who wants me to fly to JB on sunday instead of monday morning. yes, meeting at JB, 9am. took the first flight to JB and took the last flight back to KL.

i've managed to steal a picture from @kazwan. how can i steal so many pictures? but you can view his pictures here.

let's see, those in this picture is (l-r) @aisyahkama, @khairul, @bat, @tekong, @kruel74, @loveykatz, @kazwan, @rararawr, ME, @icednyior @abdusfauzi and @wfxyz. those who left before this picture was taken were @shamhardy @azmanishak @guibooo and @syazaliyana

those who i missed out following, let me know ya..

come to think of it, we should do this more often!

we spent hours at KLCC listening to one another's stories, live twitting (yes, those with the berries did that and those without did it too)

ah.. i'm speechless.. i just had a very wonderful time.

oh ya, thanks to @kazwan for making a detour to my house first to ferry me there. i made him late because of it. sorry...

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