27 October 2009

budget day tweet

lifted from my embargo oct 24 :) finally ...

budget day was my sligthly busy day. i got into the parliament. security was tight. really tight. so my tweets for that friday was mostly on the budget. i was even tweeting while najib was giving the speech (cheated a little as i have the speech on hand). but still, i have to wait for him to say it before i can start tweeting.
  • 07:59 Selamat pagi semua! Hari ini Hari Bajet! #
  • 09:09 Just realised I forgot to login to Meebo. No wonder @tokrimau is Gtalk-ing me #
  • 09:24 morning! @melvinchanwh @joshuaongys @louispang @davidlian @SpicyGuy @davidlian @geminianeyes @zhiQ @ruhanirabin @Fumofumoffu #
  • 09:57 Anyones knows which website I should go to to watch the Budget Tabling live? #
  • 11:39 "Cherish all your happy moments: they make a fine cushion for old age" - Christopher Morley, 1890-1957 #
  • 14:44 Leaving for Parliament in a while #
  • 15:31 Reached Parliament but my office pass is still not ready,so I ca n't enter the hall #
  • 16:09 Thx to a nice cop, I made it through the lobby. #
  • 16:31 Out of Parliament. Heading back to office. Met Shamshahrin after so long. #
  • 17:25 Having Horlicks and biscuit. Standby to shoot statement #
  • 17:31 Service tax of RM50 a year on principal credit card including those FOC and RM25 per year for supplementary card #BudgetMY10 #
  • 17:35 Eligible criteria for the RM180 monthly pre- school fees from RM2,000 to RM3,000 . #BudgetMY10 #bajet2010 #
  • 17:36 RM200,000 for Ministries and Gov department to have day care and education centres for children. REQUIRED #BudgetMY10 #
  • 17:37 Maximum income tax rate reduced from 27% to 26% beginning 2010 #BudgetMY10 #
  • 17:39 Gov target to reduce crime rate index by 5% including street crimes (snatch theft) and robberies by 20% by end 2010 #BudgetMY10 #
  • 17:42 Aim to achieve target of zero hardcore poverty in 2010. 50,000 registered w/ eKasih and 4000 Org Asli household given assistance #BudgetMY10 #
  • 17:42 Distribute Federal Welfare assistance on the first day of each month. #BudgetMY10 #
  • 17:43 Training skills and entrepreneurship prog to about 3k women through Department of Women's Dvlpmt and Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia #BudgetMY10 #
  • 17:44 RM30m will be allocated to UDA Holdings Berhad to build 200 units of Kedai Desa nationwide #BudgetMY10 #bajet2010 #
  • 17:45 Ministry of Federal Territories shall now be known as Ministry of Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing #BudgetMY10 #bajet2010 #
  • 17:48 Gov to launch scheme that enables EPF contributors to utilise current and future savings in Acct 2 #BudgetMY10 #
  • 17:49 1Malaysia Clinic open from 10am to 10pm. RM10m will be provided to establish 50 clinics in selected areas #BudgetMY10 #
  • 17:50 RM150 for OKU child in special schools starting 1 Jan #BudgetMY10 #
  • 17:51 1Msia Retirement Scheme to be administered by EPF for taxi drivers, hawkers, farmers & fishermen #BudgetMY10 #
  • 17:56 Waiting for public transport news #BudgetMY10 #
  • 17:57 Increase frequency and efficien cy of KTM #BudgetMY10 #
  • 17:58 Covered walkways at Plaza Rakyat, Pasar Seni, Bandaraya, Jln Sultan Ismail, PWTC & Hang Tuah #BudgetMY10 #
  • 17:59 Fast-track construction of the Integrated Transport Terminal in Gombak to reduce congestion in the city centre #BudgetMY10 #
  • 18:32 Currently drafting statement with 7 other ppl #
  • 19:40 Now shooting of press statement in relatinos to the budget #
  • 20:10 Done with press statement. Hope I didn't miss out anyone #
  • 22:19 Home home! Now dinner! #
i hope this budget this year will do some good especially the public transport! really really need to improve on the efficiency and frequency. maybe because i'm taking public transport that's why it's closer to heart.

oh well, i just hope things will proceed successfully after this

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