07 October 2009


i was sent to JB for a 9am meeting on the 5th by my boss. so i flew there - first flight in and last flight out.

pretty tiring travelling like this. woke up at 4am for final check on all my items before i took the 5.30am klia transit to klia.

i love the self check-in. i didn't have any luggage with me so i was advise to self check-in at the machines. it was awesome! saved a lot of time cos the queue was ridiculously long. all done including travelling time is about 50-55 minutes. not bad.

i reached the said meeting venue (unit perancang ekonomi negeri johor - UPEN) right at 9am. talk about being really on time and the meeting hasn't started. as i know no one i was pretty much to myself.

luckily i brought the office laptop and the broadband with me or else i'll be so doomed while waiting for my flights.

i was to do a presentation which i read it before i slept the night before and while in plane and turns out there was no slot for me to present. so YEAH!

lucky me too that i placed a facebook status saying that i'll be at JB and fadli volunteered to ferry me to the airport after my meeting (so sweet of you). i've only met fadli once in 2006 during the photoshop conference. he even told me that he has a surprise for me - yes, he brought tokrimau with him. coincidently they were both free that day.

we had lunch at putri harbour and toured JB roads - since there's not much time.

argh!! lupa mau take picture with these two wonderful gentlemen. sorry ye fadli ngan tok. lis janji next round, we must take a picture of the 3 of us ok?

flight delayed by almost an hour.. so i eventually reached home at almost 10.45pm. and port dickson awaits me the next day!

1 comment:

TJ said...

Heyz, hw r u? still remember me XD
seems u're enjoying working nw, lolz
jz drop by n say hi 2 u, its been quite sumtime since we keep in contact, take care k~

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