26 September 2009


from my bedroom window while typing this entry, i can see a couple playing volleyball at the empty land below the playground. i can see them practising their serves, sets and ball passing (whatever you call all this techniques).

this reminds me of my high school days when a bunch of us played volleyball. at least once a week we'll be playing til all of us turned red. i of course was the one who turned red the fastest and later skin started peeling off and i'm dark as ever until now, i still am.

i was the only one in the group who cannot set a ball and cannot do tennis serves. yes, i was that bad that sometimes i can feel that they don't want to play with me cos they were practising for meets while i on the other hand was struggling like mad to at least learn to set or serve.

oh well, that was the only sport that i "joined" back in school. now, i barely play any. T_T

1 comment:

.abell.habil. said...

hey, chill lah.
at least you have thhe guts to try it can.

some people, langsung tak mahu cuba kan.


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