08 September 2009


ok.. i give up. i can't be doing a blog post in two languages. allow me to post this in english because my medium of the talk i was at today was in english and i don't want to crack my head thinking of words in bahasa because of this. maybe i will when i have more time. but not today.

had an executive talk at intan earlier today. more on social media and pr in social media. gosh.. i think i need to stop listening to someone talk about facebook, twitter, youtube and all that for once. a bit tired after having listening to the same thing over and over again. i believe most of the crowd today would have already known what is facebook at least. the age group of the crowd is not that old or not too young either.

the media night is coming up. will talk about it soon as well.

in the mean time, i need to sleep. though i just had dinner about 50 minutes ago and i shouldn't be sleeping or resting on bed, i really have to this time. my eyes are closing slowly and my head is getting heavier.

oh well, shucks diet for today as my body screams TIRED from 9am.

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