09 September 2009

i want

what do you do when you have no idea what to talk about?

play the "i want..." game where each of you have to begin a sentence with "i want" and eventually it becomes a conversation.

i did that with @kazwan. it was darn funny.

here's snippets of the story.

kazwan (K) : I want a camera
me (M) : i want a camera too.. which one u want? answer back in "i want.."
K : I want an A350
M : i want diana mini with flash
K : I want to know what the heck is that
M : i want to show u that in a short while
K : I want to hide now....coz you saw that.
M : i want you to tell me what is it that i see?

K : I want to stop this I want thingie....getting harder to talk alraedy...hehehe
M : i want to tell you that i agree

it was fun doing this. would like to have another session with him for this.. maybe using other words to begin with :)


tukangbuatsushi said...

gud idea...
so demm fun...

rainingheaven said...

abg sushi, go try it. really uses brain power :) but it's fun

iem2iem said...

i want to say it's good. .. .

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