14 September 2009

i think...

the "i ..." series continues! this time it is "i think..." yes, had it with @kazwan on ym.

moi (M) : i think i didn't even realised what i was talking and i was practically repeating my sentences
kazwan (K) : I think it's the nerves getting into our mind
M : i think so too.. it makes our mind go haywire
M : i think you must think i am crazy
K : I think you're not crazy, we just feeling abit hazy. (But I like.)
M : i think and i wonder.. how hazy is this?

(what the heck was i thinking)
K : I think I'm going nuts.
M : i think i am the one going nuts
K : I think both of us are going nuts.
M : i think i totally agree with you on this
K : I think, therefore I am....(nuts)

had a great time. couldn't help laughing over the conversation when i reread.

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