05 August 2009


have you ever done something that you wished you have not done?

have you ever said something that you wished you think first before you blurt it out?

have you ever wonder why you react such way that you wished you reacted in another way?

have you ever think of what the other person mean and that what you read is not what they meant?

i made mistakes and i made someone mad i suppose.

i get unanswered calls.
i get unreplied messages.

i've been trying to see i'm sorry. but looks like i ain't going to be forgiven.

i apologised through my messages.
i just want that someone to pick up my calls so that i can say i'm sorry.

please pick up my call. please please please


Sham Hardy said...

ur number is 01.......?

rainingheaven said...

sham.. all can ar?

JanuskieZ said...

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