11 August 2009


finally, i'm relieved that everything has come to an end. after the whole friday of discussions and ideas being thrown around the room, i'm glad to received an answer today.

it is sad to leave as i've grew up here in this company since my days of internship. yes, some might say i'm being unappreciative. i believe some might think so as well but there's nothing that i can do.

it's not because i dislike the office or whatsoever. just that at one point i really felt down due to something that happened which really did piss me off to a certain extend. i wished for it to change or to be better however, there wasn't anything. eventually i lost my soul here. thus i chose to leave for some soul searching expedition elsewhere.

might be a good thing. might not be a good thing. oh well, God will tell me.

wish me the best.


Sham Hardy said...

que sera sera.. whatever will be will be.. the future not ours to see.. que sera sera..

rainingheaven said...

oh sham!... hehe


I hope things will change for the better for you!

rainingheaven said...

ihsan! thanks much!

fami said...

all the best, cik melor.





alisha said...

hey Mel wish u good luck

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