08 July 2009

thai pantene ad

it's a pantene advertisement from the thai counterpart.
very touching that i played it several times.
it's about a deaf girl learning how to play the violin.


Jarri said...

love the video.
thank you for sharing.

rainingheaven said...


my pleasure.

thanks to a friend who shared it with me. the girl was signing sign language that's why he sent it to me :)

and i just had to share it with everyone cos malaysia shampoo ads are just.. blah!

Jarri said...

agree with u.
malaysia's adv just like exploiting womans beauty. i think thats not good.

lets try do something with proper motive, educate people. no wonder la malaysian now days all with bad habits. kurang ajar.

rainingheaven said...

awak ni kelakar la.
i reply in english, you'll reply in english
i reply in bm, you'll reply in bm..

funny betul kita ni

Jarri said...

kelakar ke mcm tu?
my english is bad. i just trying to improve my english.

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