27 June 2009

speakeasy 2009

wow, just realised that i've been really naughty for not blogging much this month.

so much came up. 2 events for clients which means 2 weeks i'm burnt and exhausted and it continues this week for another one as well.

organising speakeasy with aadila was great. as it is my first time, aadila pretty much got my ass covered, so volunteering to present by my boss is somthing that i can do in return for her kindness and help.

i presented on sign language. things that i know only. what is sign language - whether it is a tool of communication or a language, what's the difference between the deaf world and the hearing world, ten reason for learning sign language and i ended it with fingerspelling from A-Z and also numbers. luckily i remembered to make some copies to be distributed out.

seet presented on lomography whereas fairuz did on his trip to laos at some place where i can't even pronounce its name. sorry to the place wherever it is!

though we expected 30 people to attend, only 15 appeared. thanks to you 15 people who are so supportive. we also expected at least a minimum of 5 presenters but there was only 3 of us. the best part is NO BOSSES from any of the consultancies were there! wooooohoooots!!!!

it was a very young affair i would say. we threw formalities aside, we had much more courage to ask questions. no worries about bring wrong or making errors, it was a great time!

and i got to know more people! hah.. speaking of communication from a shy girl like me who takes time to warm up before really getting into the topic.

oh well, i'll be at urbanscapes thanks to the free tickets i won from 24hourkl. so see you all there if you are there!

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