18 June 2009

the belated birthday post

thanks everyone for all the wishes!! had great pleasure replying each and every wish on facebook.

thanks also to the office for the nice coffee chocolate cake (we celebrate birthday's every month at the office).

thanks mom for her cheese cake.

thanks cindy for the pair of earrings.

thanks hwei and mary for the blue and purple pallette.

thanks melinda for the cute thumbdrive.

and most of all... thanks dad for the CPL and the infrared remote control! you're the man, dad!

here's it all!! (except for the pictures of the cakes)



you got a CPL and a remote! nice...

now I know what to wish for my bday... hehe

rainingheaven said...

haha.. and i didn't even wish for any of it. it just came to my hands :)

babyling said...

happy belated birthday

rainingheaven said...

thanks baby!

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