13 May 2009

playing with wedding photography

given a great opportunity by my blog buddy, fiq to shoot his aunt, sue's engagement. no prior meetups before the big day. first time meeting up with fiq and sue on the day itself.

managed to get abang zul and zaidi to help, guide and accompany me. yes, i'm the only one with ZERO experience. thank god for both of them or else i'm sure i would have panic even more.

here are some pictures that can be "seen". have to go crash other people's weddings to practice.

pictures can also be seen @ my flickr


Jamil Jumpa Jamilah Jerit Jerit Yude said...

lawa semua photo huhu~~

dh boleh buat card ne..
senang job masuk

rainingheaven said...

jamil : thanks! baru sedang belajar2 ni.. dlm about 100++ pics.. ni je yg selamat.. ade la bebeberapa lagi.. tak smp 20.. :) hahah...

nizaati said...

Mel, knp smua long shoot? Xde yg dekat ke?

rainingheaven said...

i ade kit lens je.. orang tgh acara, takkan nak gi dekat2. lagipun baru first time. tak tau nak buat ape lagi pun

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