18 May 2009

my first accident

yes, as the title suggests, i had my first accident. wait, i'm not the one who hit the other person BUT i was hit by someone else from the rear. ish! geram!

i was on my way to meet my client for a shoot on saturday morning when there was this slow traffic at the road heading towards IOI mall. cars were going really slow.

out of nowhere, this thambi hit me real hard on my rear! i felt the impact like he hit me twice!

with such a slow crawl, i don't expect the damage to be a big one. however, it was otherwise.

knowing the tough body of the kembara, that bang broke my spare tyre's cover, broke both my reverse lights, broke my bumper, plat number shattered into pieces, broke that thingy above the tyres curves on both sides and finally my bonet couldn't close tightly.

as for the thambi's car, his front portion is a goner.

YES, for a bumper to bumper crawl, how can the damage be so serious?

my conclusion? he was f*cking SLEEPY!!

why do i say so?

1. right after the bang, he stopped his car at the corner, got down and pee first before walking towards me to check my damages that he made.

2. he left by saying this to me: "i give you my number, you call me later cos i want to go back and sleep first"


oh ya, he even had the guts to ask me in a rude way, "nape awak berhenti?"

and i replied in a rude way, "kereta depan berhenti, saya berhenti la! yang awak pergi langgar saya kenapa?" i put my really gangster face and voice for this because i was afraid he will bully me.

and he said, "okok.. tidak perlu marah"

ish, look who's talking...

he told me that he'll report the matter thus that same evening (i got hit in the morning), i went to do a police report. the sergeant made me call thambi to make sure that he hasn't report the case elsewhere so that he'll be able to do it at where i did mine (kl police station). no answer. so i left him a voice message and a text message (he doesn't have my number).

he had the guts to later call me and said this to me:

"Why you go report? I told you to let me sleep first then we talk about it. That's why I give you my number. I want to settle only. Your car not so serious, my car is even serious."

to which i replied:

"You are the one who said you WANT to report. I'm only free today so I go today la!"

he really did piss me off in a way.

so, was he really sleepy or not when he hit me?

here's some pictures to entertain you. i think i took better pictures than the officer.


naqiubex said...

Sorry about the accident but i couldn't help laughin!!

peeing and sleeping!? Hahahaha

rainingheaven said...

it's ok. i'm ok. thanks for your concern.

you go try and tell me if it works. when you are sleepy go pee

syntheticsoul said...

How could he cause that much damage to a kembara in a traffic crawl?!

stupid sleepy guy...

rainingheaven said...


ya, that was what i thought too..
kan, mesti dia tgh sleepy.

husaini said...

semoga kembara kembali sihat hendaknya. :)

Jarri said...

nasib baik u ok.
sori i bz sgt arini baru leh baca blog.

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