08 May 2009

mabel @ zoo negara

on labour day, dad suggested us to go to the zoo since it has been ages since we last went there. except for me because a few months earlier i was there for a photo outing. anyway,.. besides taking photos of animals there.. i found 2 spots which looked pretty good and i made mabel to do a few poses for me.

below are the photos.

here's a shot beneath a tree..

and here's another shot at the dome..

let me know how i fair..friends were asking me where on earth is the dome. ah, there's only one dome there. go find it yourself. *hint : it's at the tortoise pond*

ah.. so the trip to the zoo isn't that bad. i do have photos of animals but i've posted them a few months earlier so chances are i won't be posting them again unless it is something different. look through my flickr, it'll be up anytime soon!


Nazra~ said...

wondering when the last time i went to the zoo........

oh it was 14 years ago!


rainingheaven said...

@nazra : hehe.. time to go there again

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