12 May 2009

itchy fingers

my fingers are getting itchy. itchy wanting to do more crafties. the sundayhearts sisters had an enjoyable sunday with their randomhiddentreasure friends at twomads bazaaar. i'll upload pictures soon.. in the meantime, go check us out at sundayhearts.

itchy wanting to work on more pixels.
itchy wanting to work on felts.
itchy wanting to work on scrapbooking.
itchy wanting to work on paper crafts.
itchy wanting to work on anything artsy.

ah... i just can't wait!



I envy you artsy people. My life is full with numbers and programming. And when I share them with other people, I get the yawns and the sarcastic "uh, interesting..."

rainingheaven said...

eh.. jgn la envy.. i pun envy org yg byk masa nak buat..

Nazra~ said...

artistic..just love that ^_^

rainingheaven said...

nazra: bet you are artistic as well :P

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