24 April 2009

beware of snatch theft

my colleague was a snatch theft victim this morning. she was on her way to work when she was snatched. she screamed for help but no one heard her. hope she'll be ok.

i found this guide on how to avoid from being snatch in today's berita harian. here are some tips that we can follow however we must also be careful and not just follow blindly to the guide which serves as a help to us.

  1. use roads that are always used by people
  2. if you have to go out at night, please bring a friend
  3. avoid putting your purse in the shopping basket or at the counter
  4. sling your handbag on your shoulder and walk on the right side of the road against oncoming traffic
  5. when shopping at a busy place, hold tightly to your purse or hide your purse at a place that is not so exposed
  6. walk on five foot ways to avoid being snatch by motorcycle pillion riders
  7. do not push when boarding / disembarking the train, bus, cinema or any crowded and busy place to avoid from being snatched
  8. when using the lift, please make sure there is someone with you or look for someone you are familiar. if there is someone following you and you are suspicious about that person, get out of the lift immediately
  9. do not keep your purse in your back pocket when queuing to buy tickets to a ball game, bus or train
  10. when on a public transport like bus, taxi or train, please do not push or squeeze yourself through, wait until others have gotten in or out
  11. do not let unknown people place their arms on your shoulder especially when boarding /disembarking a public transportation or queuing
  12. do not keep money in just one pocket. place them separately
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