20 April 2009

after a 2 week plus hiatus

these 2 weeks plus, i had no idea what to blog about. my brain juice is squeezed dry. really dry. not much mood with flickr either.

the mundane 9-6 job is killing me day by day. i lost track of dates. i only know it by days. little did i know the entire month is gone!

help me! i need something to bring me back to life!

4 comments: / Rei said...

OK ! Come join me for a trip this sunday ! lol

Nazra~ said...

i have had this feeling before. it was so annoying ~_~

fami said...

you know what? you're right. You just need to keep track of dates. Try mini journal. or you can also say, your "offline Twitter."

1st, find small, passport sized organizer. Can see one in the Niles in kl Central, magazine and newspaper shops.

2nd, this is the hardest, yet, most challenging. Each nite, before going to bed, take out your 'twitter" and make one sentence that contains not more than 7 words to elaborate your whole day. write it next to the date of that day.

3rd, paste the most meaningful thing for your day, on this day. Be it your commuter ticket, or your rapidkl ticket, or just plain sweets wrapper.

4th, as one month from the day you started writing is "embraced", celebrate yourself with hot chocolate or anything that pleases you. dont forget to capture the moment into photos, and paste it next to the 1st day of the coming month.

Repeat step 1 to 4 until one year is counted. You won't miss a day with these!
All the best~!

rainingheaven said...

nicchan : haha...

nazra : what to do.

fami : ah.. terima kasih. will try to do something about it.

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